The Nike Roshe features a light weight design with a super-sleek look. One of the most popular styles of late, the Nike Roshe is definitely a versatile sneaker; a great addition to any outfit. Unfortunately they aren’t cheap and can be hard to find any discount pricing on them. Fear not, Last Season has a solution: The Globe Roam Lyte.

Globe shoes are known in the skate-world for their integrated tongue and collar design. This provides a secure fit and un-paralleled support for you ankles. The Globe Roam Lyte boasts an ultra-light midsole for great mobility. Not only do these shoes look the part but they are breathable and treated with an anti-microbial to get rid of any nasty odours.

The Globe Roam Lytes retail for up to $129.90 elsewhere but at you can pick them up for under $60! Savage.


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