There’s been a huge amount of innovation in the field of sport, lifestyle and activity tracking in the past few years and despite the apparent saturation of the health tech market, more devices come knocking on the door each month, promising to solve a sporting or fitness dilemma you never knew you had.

With the increasing integration of health and fitness habits into our lives, these gadgets are becoming less of a novelty and more of an everyday sight.

We’ve collected a few of our faves below..

Golf – The Ti-ttle Golf Swing Analyser 

This smart tracker offers detailed feedback on your stroke to improve your form.  The Ti-ttle will also indicate the distance a ball will travel (even when you’re not on the course) letting you practice your stroke from the comfort of home.



Surfing – Samsung Galaxy Surfboard (concept) 

Although most surfers enjoy surfing as a way of getting away from technology, we’ve included this one as it’s innovative (and a little fun at the same time)  The surfboard looks like any regular sleek surfboard, except it has an LED display that’s powered by a Samsung Galaxy S7 that slots into the base of the board.  The surfboard can feed live conditions of the sea straight onto the display, alongside wind direction and the frequency / height of waves. Trainers can even send surfers messages to help improve their technique.

Camping – Ravean Heated Sleeping bag 

Sleep.Naked.Camping…need we say more?  With the extra features of charging your phone, being water resistant and washable this one is an absolute winner in our books.



Skiing – Carv Wearable Ski Coach 

Carv analyses your skiing technique in real-time providing feedback on the slopes and detailed analysis between runs.  With an extremely thin smart insert, Carv measures your motion and pressure distribution and relays feedback through your earphones in real-time.



BasketBall – Wilson X 

Fancy yourself as the next Steven Adams? Pair the Wilson X basketball with your smartphone to track shots scored and missed, recording your accuracy and overall improvement. A built-in sensor inside the ball tracks makes & misses via Bluetooth when connected with the Wilson X app. Works indoors and out. All you need is the ball, your phone, the free app, and a standard 10′ hoop.